7 Dinners Ready in Under 30 Minutes

It’s one of those nights when you’re going to be tempted to get takeout and bust your budget. Don’t. These 7 easy dinners are ready in under 30 minutes. They are simple, delicious and worth bookmarking.

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Honey Chipotle Steak and Potatoes

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Set your timer. This Honey Chipotle Steak and Potatoes recipe takes just 10 minutes to prep and 22 minutes to cook. In the end you’ll have delicious seasoned potatoes with tender steak bites in a sweet and smoky sauce.
Get the Recipe: Honey Chipotle Steak and Potatoes

Fast No Rise Pizza Dough

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Pizza dough in 30 minutes? It’s true. And that is why this recipe is called a fast, no rise pizza dough. It really does not need any rise time. Once you’re done mixing and shaping the dough, add sauce and toppings, and you’re done.
Get the Recipe: Fast No Rise Pizza Dough

Italian Sausage and Pepper Pasta in One Pot

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There are so many benefits to this sausage and pepper pasta dish. Besides being on the table in under 30 minutes, you’ll cook it in just one pot. So cleanup before dessert is so easy and fast.
Get the Recipe: Italian Sausage and Pepper Pasta in One Pot

Easy Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca Recipe in pan
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This Pasta Puttanesca recipe is the fastest pasta dish you’ll make from scratch. It is a classic Italian quick sauce that comes together in about 20 minutes. Put the pasta on to boil simultaneously for a fast, delish dinner.
Get the Recipe: Easy Pasta Puttanesca

Goat Cheese Pizza Sauce

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Combine the fast, no-rise pizza dough with this Goat Cheese Pizza Sauce recipe for a pop of unexpected but delicious flavor to your pizza. You could also use this as a makeshift penne alla vodka sauce.
Get the Recipe: Goat Cheese Pizza Sauce

Fried Chicken in the Crock Pot

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OK, so this is stretching the 30 minutes or less theme a bit, because this fried chicken in the Crock Pot has to cook all day while you’re at work. However, prep is fast and when you get home, dinner is ready.
Get the Recipe: Fried Chicken in the Crock Pot

Pizza Toppings Bar

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Got leftover plain pizza in the refrigerator? Then make pizza night, take two, a fun night of new pizza toppings for that leftover pizza. This way everyone gets the exact pizza they want to eat for dinner and everyone is fed and happy in under 30 minutes.
Get the Recipe: Pizza Toppings Bar

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